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Last Date for Abstract Submission: 10.02.2016

Theme of the Symposium

A major challenge facing chemical biologists is the ability to effectively identify and manipulate the molecular components of diverse biological systems. Many cheap ghostwriters for hire that are able to produce professional essays can be found at
The “ISCBDD-2016” presents a unique platform to discuss chemical biology and drug development research among international communities. The aim of “ISCBDD-2016” is to bring together scientists from across disciplines to explore new approaches and methods in molecular level understanding of biological systems. This symposium will explore how effectively chemists and biologists are using the tools and philosophy of chemical biology to understand the molecular basis of diseases.

The three days symposium will address on the following themes:

  • Chemical Biology & Epigenetic
  • Metabolism & Disease
  • Understanding of complex gene expression network
  • Chemical Biology approach to elucidate process of differentiation
  • Chemical Biology and Natural Products
  • The interdisciplinary approaches in Chemical Biology
  • Cross-talk between Synthetic Biology and Chemical Biology
  • Nanotechnology and Chemical Biology
  • Understanding of dynamic genome organization
  • Target approach to rare diseases
  • Drug development and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Molecular Drug Design
  • Novel Drug Delivery
ACS Chemical Biology - Poster Award (5 Numbers)

rsc chemistry Royal Scociety of Chemistry (RSC) - Young Scientist Award

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