Aims and Objectives:

  1. To function as a scientific body encouraging and assisting research and development as well as all such activities that are likely to benefit chemical biology related research and activities (both basic and applied) in India. As for the prime essays, you're free to order one that is related to some of the chemical biology themes... and even ask for additional editing if the final result doesn't satisfy you.

  2. To encourage, educate, update and train students, teachers, scientists and other appropriate personnel’s in the field of Chemical Biology research (both basic and applied) and expand knowledge in the area of Chemical Biology research through organization of lectures, seminars, conferences, discussions, update sessions, workshops, training schools, local chapters and any other method or measure that may be considered suitable from time to time for the purpose at local, regional, national and international levels.

  3. To promote exchange of knowledge and sharing of experience amongst specialists in the field of chemical biology (both basic and applied) as well as any or all such specialty or sub-specialty that may be concerned with research and applications related to chemical biology.

  4. To establish institutions so as to fulfill the goals as elaborated in 3(a) to 3(c) above. To establish reciprocation, exchange programs and collaboration with other scientific agencies, bodies, societies and organizations engaged in similar activities either within India or abroad for academic purposes only.

  5. To institute studies in chemical biology research and help in conducting courses in accordance with the prevailing statutes, rules and regulations of the society. To collaborate or get associated with recognized universities or autonomous institutes, national and regional academies, scientific societies and bodies all over India and abroad for undertaking such courses.

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